The brief was to seamlessly extend a 110 sqm showroom by 100 sqm, keeping ‘down time’ to a minimum. Install display features and floor tiling, lighting, air conditioning and shop frontage. Refresh the showroom every six months.


Andrew and Sarah Hills, who own Porta Romana, design all their lighting themselves. The products are created by craftspeople not machines. We first fitted out their showroom in 2006. The adjoining showroom became free so we doubled the footprint. The challenge was to extend the showroom while they were still trading. We ran the project like a military operation and they only had to close for one week. It has been a very healthy relationship we refresh their showroom every six months. That’s why we made sure our display fixtures have a long life and are practical to refresh. We were commissioned by Porta Romana for London Design Week 2017 which was a resounding success and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this collaboration.